Belgrade, 7/05/2024.



Forum for Security and Democracy follows with great concern the news about the scheduling of the next All-Serbian Assembly for July 12th 2024 in Podgorica.

FSD underscores that individuals that are being mentioned as organizers of this gathering are people against whom the Higher court in Podgorica is scheduled on that same day to issue its verdict in the case filed by the SGP where they are being charged with organizing terrorist acts on the day of the 2016 parliamentary elections - known publicly as the coup de etat affair  (which can be viewed as an attempt to intimidate the court) and on the eve of July 13th, the day Montenegro proclaimed independence (which can't be accidental in the context of known longstanding opposition to the sovereignty and independence of Montenegro and the attempts of deterring the country away from NATO, EU and the West).

FSD is therefore of the view that Serbia, who's president has been invited to attend this gathering, must consider the dangers and political liabilities of this meeting that is perceived as a new attempt to obstruct Montenegro's Euro-Atlantic agenda and further escalate the security risks in the Western Balkans.

FSD especially points out that this assembly bears great political risks for Montenegro itself, which is expected to close all of it's chapters in it's negotiations to join the EU after receiving the IBAR, as well as for Serbia and the maintaining of it's position as a candidate for EU membership, which is already incumbered by the criticisms regarding its unwillingness to align its international and security policy with the EU and the suspicions surrounding its Serbian World policy.

FSD for this reason maintains that precisely because this assembly which is said to be scheduled for July 12th in Podgorica Serbia must unambiguously thwart all attempts to involve and exploit it as a country in political agendas of politicians in Montenegro and beyond who are openly anti-West, anti-European and anti-Montenegran, and that the gathering of the Serbian people does not harm the interests of Serbia as a country.

FSD, last but not least, is of the belief that a responsible approach and position of the state of Serbia regarding the political and even security risks of the scheduled All-Serbian Assembly in Podgorica could significantly contribute to the alleviation of open mistrust and doubt among neighboring countries of the region, as well as among the more prominent actors in EU's foreign policy, which have taken root after the last months' holding of the All-Serbian Assembly in Belgrade.

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